AI-Enabled Gym

Providing data-driven, personalized fitness over our computer vision platform.

Your new gym visit

Personalized fitness programs with no extra effort.

Walk in

Enter your Balans powered gym and begin your workout as usual.


Follow a personalized fitness regimen custom made for you, based on your workout history. Or, conduct your normal strength and cardio routines as usual.

Realtime feedback

Receive realtime feedback about your performance, delivered straight to your phone.


Get detailed post-workout summaries about your performance and progress towards your goals.

In action

Our computer vision platform can track your strength and cardio exercises thoughout the gym.


We take a strong stance on preserving your privacy. We never use any facial recognition and our system cannot visually identify you outside of the gym. If you leave and come back to the gym, our system cannot visually identify you.


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